(As of: 10/09/2021)


In the first year 30 "Grümpi" teams from all over the world are allowed to register for the "Grümpi" League©. If more teams register, they will be placed on a waiting list until we have ten teams again to create another league, e.g. (League D) etc. These are divided into three leagues depending on the registration (League A, League B and League C). In the case of less than 30 registrations, the remaining teams will be divided into the full League C and B, and thus these will be larger. However, these will only be announced in December at the team leader meeting. Excess differences will then be reimbursed to the teams. You are only allowed to choose which league you want to play in when you first register, after that it's serious and you fight for promotion or relegation.

A team is considered registered if the following points are met:
- Registration within the registration period
- Transfer of the authorization fee in due time
- Recognition of all points in these regulations

Each team has to appoint a team leader who also correctly fills out the registration form. Everyone can take part in the "Grümpi" League©. Each team can register a maximum of 10 players. If a player leaves a team during the season, a player can be nominated via the league management.

The teams can also be mixed (men and women). There is no limit to the number of active players on the team. Active footballers are players in the 1st to 5th league. Seniors and veterans are no longer considered active footballers.

If a team does not comply with these rules, it can be excluded from the "Grümpi" League© with immediate effect. All games of this team are rated with a 0: 3 defeat.


International teams (not from Switzerland) can apply for an accelerated game procedure upon request. This means; these teams are allowed to play through their games in two days so that their stay does not last longer than necessary. International teams that do not submit this request will be called up according to the official schedule. On request, we will also organize accommodation for international teams for a cheaper lump sum.

In case of withdrawal of a registered team before or during the season, the already paid eligibility fee will be forfeited. Should the league management be forced to cancel the "Grümpi" League© due to external causes such as war, natural disasters or pandemics, all participation fees will be refunded in full. However, if the "Grümpi" League© is only postponed, this right does not apply. If a team withdraws because of the postponement, a penalty will come into force and the paid license fee will be used for administrative more expenses.

The first three teams from the "Grümpi" League© are eligible for a prize and are divided as follows:

1.   Victory bonus CHF 5,000 / Qualified for "Grümpi" Master Cup© / Promotion to "Grümpi" Master League C (NEW)
2.   Victory bonus CHF 3,000 / Qualified for "Grümpi" Master Cup© / Promotion to "Grümpi" Master League C (NEW) 
3.   Victory bonus CHF 2,000 / Qualified for "Grümpi" Master Cup© / Promotion to "Grümpi" Master League C (NEW)
4.   Qualified for "Grümpi" Master Cup©
5.   Qualified for "Grümpi" Master Cup©
8.   Relegation to "Grümpi" League B
9.   Relegation to "Grümpi" League B
10.   Relegation to "Grümpi" League B

1.   Victory bonus CHF 2`500.- / Qualified for "Grümpi" Master Cup© / Promotion to "Grümpi" League A
2.   Victory bonus CHF 1`500.- / Qualified for "Grümpi" Master Cup© / Promotion to "Grümpi" League A
3.   Victory bonus CHF 1`000.- / Qualified for "Grümpi" Master Cup© / Promotion to "Grümpi" League A
4.   Qualified for "Grümpi" Master Cup©
5.   Qualified for "Grümpi" Master Cup©
8.   Relegation to "Grümpi" League C
9.   Relegation to "Grümpi" League C
10.   Relegation to "Grümpi" League C

1.   Victory bonus CHF 1`250.- / Qualified for "Grümpi" Cup© / Promotion to "Grümpi" League B
2.   Victory bonus CHF      750.- / Qualified for "Grümpi" Cup© / Promotion to "Grümpi" League B
3.   Victory bonus CHF      500.- / Qualified for "Grümpi" Cup© / Promotion to "Grümpi" League B
4.   Qualified for "Grümpi" Master Cup©
5.   Qualified for "Grümpi" Master Cup©
6.   Qualified for "Grümpi" Master Cup©
8.   Eliminated / new team from waiting list
9.   Eliminated / new team from waiting list
10.   Eliminated / new team from waiting list

Game mode

The following criteria are decisive for the routing:
- Higher score (3 point rule)
- Better goal difference
- Higher number of goals scored
- Direct encounter
Win = 3 points, tie = 1 point, loss = 0 points

Rules of the game

There are 6 players per team, including 1 goalkeeper and 5 field players. The remaining 4 players are considered substitutes. Only 10 players are allowed to play per team. The official football rules of the SFV (Swiss Football Association) apply with the following changes:
1.  The playing time is 6 minutes twice without changing sides
2.  The first-named team has play-off
3.  It may be changed on the fly, whereby the change must always take place in the own half of the pitch and there may never be more than 6 players per team on the field
4.  The offside and back pass rules are abolished
5.  Women's goals in full or mixed teams count double (NEW)
6.  In the case of no-shows, late appearing (after kick-off), as well as when starting with fewer than 4 players, the game is lost with 0: 3 goals forfait
7.  Shin guards are compulsory for all players (game material is rented on site)
8.  Only studded shoes or studded shoes (millipedes) are allowed, cleats and trainers are absolutely forbidden
9.  Playing time: First and second round = 18 games per team and season

"Grümpi" Master Cup© NEW

A total of 32 teams from the three leagues of the "Grümpi" League© and the "Grümpi" Master League© qualify for the "Grümpi" Master Cup© (5 from the "Grümpi" League A and "Grümpi" Master League A, 5 from the "Grümpi" League B and "Grümpi" Master League B and 6 from the "Grümpi" League C and "Grümpi" Master League C).
These compete in the Champions League mode (8 groups of 4 teams each). Each team plays 6 games in the group stage (round-trip round). The first and second placed in each group qualify for the round of 16. From the round of 16 onwards, the game will be decided by a first leg and a second leg. The final will only be determined in one game. The winner receives a prize of CHF 2,500 and the hiking trophy. Whoever wins the "Grümpi" Master Cup© three times is allowed to keep the cup.
In the first year, i.e. 2022, there will be no "Grümpi" Master Cup© but only in the 2023 season, as the teams have to be determined first.

Team of the Year Trophy NEW

The winner from the "Grümpi" League A and the winner from the "Grümpi" Master League A play against each other for the Team of the Year Trophy.
If there is still a tie after the regular playing time, two times 6 minutes will be played and then there will be a penalty shootout to determine the winner.
The winner receives a prize of CHF 5,000 and the trophy.
In the first year, i.e. 2022, there will be no Team of the Year Trophy but only in the 2023 season, as the teams have to be determined first.


The tenues of each team are uniform. If two teams with similar dress compete against each other, the second named team must play with an overcoat. Each team is responsible for having numbers or names on their backs so that they can be easily recognized by the referee.
Furthermore, each team is free to choose a sponsor for their jersey, however, advertising for alcohol and tobacco products will not be allowed. Further advertisements of a political, denominational, ideological, discriminatory or offensive kind will not be rogued either. However, the sponsor's logo or lettering may not be larger than 32cm wide and 10cm high. The placement of the sponsor is only on the stomach area and is a matter for each team. The sleeve areas and the chest area on the right must be reserved for the "Grümpi" League©. Each team receives badges that they must put in the designated positions before the start of the season.


Misconduct and gross unsportsmanlike conduct are punished as follows:
-  first yellow card = CHF 50.- (plus 2 minutes time penalty)
-  second yellow card = CHF 100.- (plus expulsion, the excluded player may not be replaced by another for the current game
-  after a total of four yellow cards there is a game ban
-  red card = CHF 250.- (plus expulsion, the excluded player may not be replaced by another for the current game and is blocked for two games)
-  three red cards with the same player in one season (18 games), according to which he is banned from the "Grümpi" League© and is no longer allowed
-  five red cards from the same team in one season (18 games), according to which this team has been banned from the "Grümpi" League© and will not be allowed again

The above-mentioned penalty fees are paid to the league management via a payment slip within 10 days of the respective game.

Authorization fees for
the "Grümpi" League©

The authorization fees are per team and season (18 games) including cup games if qualified:
-   "Grümpi" League A = CHF 2'000.00
-   "Grümpi" League B = CHF 1'000.00
-   "Grümpi" League C = CHF     500.00

This fee is charged every year to be eligible to play, the only one who is waived the fee is the master of the "Grümpi" League A.

If the payment deadline of 10 days is missed or a team changes its mind after receiving the invoice, it will be charged a processing fee (penalty) of Fr. 500.00. Furthermore, this team will be suspended for two years by the league management.


Cases not provided for in the regulations will be decided by the league management. The decisions of the referees must be strictly adhered to. Teams that do not comply with these regulations will be immediately excluded from the league management.

Protests must be made in writing with a deposit of CHF 500.00 at the league management submitted within 48 hours of the respective game's final whistle. The league management assesses the protest neutrally and if it is recognized, the deposit will be refunded.

Accident insurance is a matter for each individual player. The league management assumes no liability for accidents, injuries and thefts of any kind. The number of participants is limited and will be taken into account after registration has been received.

It is strictly forbidden to bring glass vessels and other dangerous objects to and from the playing fields.

The games take place in all weathers. If, however, no more games can be guaranteed due to the weather, the respective games will be postponed.

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