What's new with us !!

- (07/09/21) NEW  We will be working on the STATS (Sport Tickets and Travel Service) during the summer holidays from the end of August
- (06/29/21) NEW  The first "Grümpi" Fußball Manager© App is coming soon
- (06/15/21) NEW  Radio "Grümpi" League© will go online soon
- (06/07/21) NEW  The "Team of the Year Trophy" project and the social (Facebook and Linkedin) are finished
- (06/02/21) NEW  Due to great demand and requests, the league is getting bigger ("Grümpi" Master League©)
- (05/27/21) NEW  We are slowly returning to normal (Covid-19 measures)
- (05/21/21) NEW  We are looking for 4 referees (under We are looking for)
- (05/12/21) NEW  Our new partner Kohler Soccer Camp (www.kohler-camp.ch)